Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Kauzenburg" 2013 - An Unexpected Journey

As every year, I attended this year's "Kauzenburg Convention", last weekend. "Kauzenburg" is a German Wargaming Convention hosted by members of the biggest german LotR-tabletop community. Actually this year's event  had to be relocated, so I shouldn't call it "Kauzenburg" anymore (it originally took place in a local castle) but old habits die hard.
The new title should be: LotR Wargaming Convention at Bonnheimer Hof 2013.

I forgot to take any pictures but luckily Tankred of tabletop-hdr.de wrote this great article:

The article is in German but the many pictures might speak for themselves. Inspiring tables, armies and a lot of fun (which we probably can't reproduce digitally, I'm sorry...). You will notice that although it is a LotR based event it is not restricted to this system! It's one of those homely events were people can bring and play anything they want.

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