Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jomada - Adventures in Middle-earth

The Hobbit has hit the theatres, GW has rebooted the LotR/Hobbit SBG, and this year's Bonnheim Convention has shown once more, how much fun wargaming in Middle-earth can be. These were only three of many good reasons that led HVM, MarcK and me to the decision to combine our individual Middle-earth themed projects into one shiny new blog. On Jomada you will find showcases of our miniatures and armies, WIP shots of our latest projects, helpful tutorials, tips & tricks around the hobby and much much more. We want to lure you into the worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien, the man without whom our hobby career maybe never would have started.

Of course, the FINiatures blog will not be deserted because of this. It will live on and will be fed with all those non-Tolkien-related wargaming projects I have, but all the future Middle-earth content will move to Jomada.

Feel welcome to visit us at Jomada and please leave a comment if you have any helpful suggestions or ideas how we could improve the blog. I'm really exited!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hungarian Archers

The Hungarians are upon us!

I recently finished these Hungarian riders. Ebob has sculpted these beautiful miniatures in commission for Tankred who will make them available via Heer46 in the near future. Ebob's sculpts are (as always) incredibly beautiful. As I've heard there will be a pack of 16 riders in the end.
More information on the Hungarians can be found in the German Sweetwater Forums.


Although I painted the miniatures in historical fashion, I probably won't use them in historical context. As all of Ebob's works, the Hungarian match perfectly with the LotR scale. For me, these miniatures seem perfectly fit to represent an Easterling tribe. Maybe I'll use them as Khand mercenaries or even mercenaries in service of the merchants of the city of Dale. If GW's SBG rules don't provide me with a fitting profile, the SAGA rules probably will...