Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Every army needs its leader. I don't really think he is the man of choice if I'll be taking the guys to a tournament. I'm afraid that his lack of faith makes him hardly competitive... Anyways, he's not the guy who wins the battle. All he's got to do is to win his charge. What happens next is recorded in the books...^^

Actually it's much too early to philosophise about tactics. All I want you to do is to enjoy the pictures. I modelled some extra armour for his horse. The standard plastic mount didn't seem to be appropriate for the king's son. The base got some extra detail as well. I added the dead Rohirrim which originally was part of a Grimwarg miniature. Maybe I shouldn't have used it... It could be seen as some kinde of foreshadowing...^^

Hope you like it. The last picture is a comparison of today's Fin and ancient Fin again.

The Muster of Rohan

Thinking back, the Eorlingas were my really first wargaming army. Before FotR was released I had a small WHFB Breton army. Their leader was painted in green and his shield wore my first freehand ever, a white horse painted in green. Of course I used to call him Eomer...^^

Understandably enough I immediately had to get my hands on these guys when TTT was announced and I started painting a small force of around 300 points. Although I love their literary background, their historical references and their visualisation in the movies, I actually never played very much with them. Maybe that's the reason why I almost completely forgot their existence in the depths of my miniature cases... Until now...

This semester I took a "History of English" course at university and among others had to struggle through several dialects of Old English. I like its "archaic" and "native" sound and immediately had to think of the Rohirric names I read in the Lord of the Rings so often... Back home I searched for my old Horse Lords, but realised that their painting was much worse than I had in mind. Hardly surprising because they are about 7 years old... Therefore I thought it might be a good reason to start over with some LotR models once again. It's a shame, that I can't even tell when I painted my last LotR miniature... Even after assembling the first miniatures I couldn't escape the feeling that I smelled horses... You gotta love these models.

Well, long story made short, here are the results. I hope you like the painting. The last picture shows a comparison between the two eras of FINiatures...^^ Feel free to leave some comments.