Thursday, October 18, 2018

Kill Team - Space Wolves

Once again, Games Workshop has me in its greedy clutches. I saw this coming when they announced the "relaunch" of the Lord of the Rings SBG but to my surprise I got hooked on the new edition of Kill Team... So here we are... After resisting the call of the 40k verse since its 2nd edition, I finally surrendered. 
I got my brushes out again last weekend and painted my first Kill Team: Glorious Space Wolves in Mark III armor.
These guys have been trapped in the Warp since the Burning of Prospero and have just been spit out now with the coming of the Great Rift.
You all know this feeling, right? You're happily butchering your way through some heretic sorcerers and suddenly there's a bright blue light. Before you know it, you're somewhere completely different, your company is nowhere to be found, your Primarch is MIA, your phone is dead and the Emperor looks changed too... This is what happened to these guys and this is why they look so angry.
This Kill Team is at 98 points now. I had a first game with them and like how they played but my roster will be expanded soon. The sergeant and the gunners will get some more weapon options (weapons are magnetized) and I might even add some Primaris to the mix. Since they most definetly won't work in the pre-Heresy paint scheme I used, I will probably pick one of the Chapters from the Ultima founding. Castellans of the Rift look nice...

Citadel Painting Handle... Can't believe I bought one...

Yeah, well... The Citadel painting handle is one of those hobby products I never really thought I would ever need. Since there have been some mishaps last month and my left hand was immobilized for some time, I had a sudden change of mind:
Don't Stop Me Now
I was indeed very pleased with the result and I'm actually thinking about getting some more... It has been a great help finishing the Priority Supplies for Star Wars Legion and some Micro Art Studio Laser Towers for my Legion board.
A chest of Lando's favourite wine.
Ready to see some action...