Thursday, February 28, 2019

"Mini Me, stop humping the laser."

I shall call him "Mini Me".
Two renditions of my favourite Star Wars villain. To the left: Julie Guthrie's sculpt from the 90s, released by Grenadier to be used with WEGs Star Wars - The Roleplaying Game and Star Wars - Miniatures Battles. To the right: Skull Forge Studios' Star Wars - Legion scaled "Cunning Admiral", sculpted by Jordan Cuffie in 2018.

I love them both.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Oldhammer (A)Elves

I rummaged around my parents' attic and dug out some treasure.

These Wood Elf Waywatchers were among the very first metal miniatures I ever bought. Playing Warhammer as a kid was super hard because everything was so expensive, especially those shiny blisters, so I had to find very good reasons for investing that much of my pocketmoney. So picked these fine Gary Morley sculpts to be the souvenir I brought home from a family holiday to Venice in '96 or '97. Cheeky...

The paint job is much younger ('05- or '06-ish) and all I did now was to touch up the rim of the base and give them a fresh coat of varnish. I guess they will do fine next to modern AoS miniatures. Might find some use in AoS Skirmish, Warcry or even as D&D or Frostgrave characters...

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Sigmarines Inbound

Watching my daughter painting her Sequitors got me hooked and I bought some more for myself... If the rumors are true and the upcoming Warcry is the AoS version of Kill Team, I want to be ready when it hits the shelves.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Getting Your Kids into the Hobby

I didn't get much hobbying done in the last couple of weeks but once more realized how much I love the miniatures gaming hobby.

My 3-year-old is a real nosy-parker when I'm painting miniatures and usually riddles me with questions if she catches me in the act. Her curiosity was the perfect excuse to visit Hamburg's Miniatur Wunderland ("Miniature Wonderland", the world's largest model railroad layout) with the family.
Just as I hoped, 1.499m² of miniature landscape didn't just inspire my future projects but left its mark on my daughter.

Having confirmed that she actually likes miniatures, we wasted no time, picked some "knights" from our local Games Workshop and went to work. Following her orders we primed the miniatures green and red and then she went on painting all the details with colours of her choice. Once she had practiced some drybrushing we washed the entire miniatures with Agrax Earthshade. The little one was super excited and did a tremendous job here. We painted the miniatures in two one-hour sessions and she stayed focussed all the time and really seemed to enjoy this experience.

So, this is her final result and I really love it. Proud father speaking here, so these might actually be far worse than I think they are but I was seriously surprised at how commited she was to paint these well. Although Age of Sigmar hasn't been on my radar so far, I might have to look into it now. The rules are free and Jamuary and February White Dwarfs just feaured an AoS Skirmish campaign that might be exactly the right scenario for future gaming sessions. I'll keep you updated.