Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pimp My Cardboard Building - Part I

I never built a lot of terrain for my games... Most times I use the tables of friends because my terrain building skills are really not that evolved...
So far I only painted some of the plastic ruins from the LotR Starter Boxes and built the cardboard houses from the 5th Edition Warhammer Starter Set which I found again last week, when clearing out the lumber room.

These buildings were no beauties, but I used them a long time, since I was not talented enough to build something on my own.
Forunately I found this article from graphixx at the German LotR forums. graphixx uses a simple but effective way of modifying cardboard models into great looking pieces of terrain.

I tried this method with the old houses and it proofed to be an ideal way even for terrain-no-skillers like me...

First, I worked on the shed. I simply glued some stripes of balsa wood to the walls. The printed surface of the paper model already tells you, how to do it.

For the broken door I added some hinges cut from plastic card.

The roof was made from thin cardboard (I used the wrapping of some chocolates...).