Thursday, January 10, 2013

And down down to Goblin-town...

"Slash them! Beat them! Bite them! Gnash them! Take them away to dark holes full of snakes, and never let them see the light again!"
J.R.R.Tolkien, The Hobbit

I finished some more of the "Escape from Goblin Town"-goblins. I really enjoyed painting each of them in an "individual" colour scheme. What I wouldn't have believed from the official GW paint jobs: These models have a lot of character!!!

Since most of the miniature is skin they can be finished pretty quickly. Perhaps I should avoid the brighter skintone in the future, but I really liked the ragtag look of these guys. You should always have in mind that these goblins are more like bandits and not a regular army. They shouldn't be uniformed.

One thing I missed in the movie was that Jackson's goblins never seemed to pose a real threat to Thorin's company. I tried to change that by adding some blood to their weapons... They should at least seem like they could deal any damage. Again, I used Tamiya Clear Red for the blood. I really like that stuff although it smells deadly.

The bases were kept simple... Just rocks with some sparse grass. Some of them got some plankwork as a reference to Goblin-town but I didn't went to fancy here. Since the goblin horde will end up rather colourful, I will need the bases as a contrast.

I really hope you like the pictures and maybe I could change your opinion about the new goblin models. They may be some of the best plastic miniatures I had for LotR up to now...


  1. nice work! I will admit that you have managed to change my opinion of the models. I still don't like the new PJ goblins, but at least it appears that GW did a good job replicating them.

  2. Very good! I admire these bases! :)

  3. I saw your profile picture on the '' forum and I thought (I want to paint (highlight) my goblins that way). Can you tell me your painting technique for the skin? Thanks!

  4. Nice! May i ask how you panted the one on the left in the front row (biggest picture)? He look very nice (well they all do tbh).Thanks!

  5. Please tell us what colors you used for the skin tones😎