Sunday, April 1, 2018

Straight from the Workbench: First Legion Squad

Happy Easter everyone! I put the holidays to good use and finished my first Rebel squad:

Finding a colour scheme is a task of its own as you have to choose between the great looking uniforms seen in canonical appearances and the gnawing urge to create a personal colour scheme. As you can see, I went for a compromise and adapted elements from the Endor strike team and Captain Rex's outfit from season 4 of Rebels ending up with Citadel's Zandri Dust and Vallejo's German Fieldgrey and Luftwaffe Uniform as my main colours. These colours will be find throughout most of my troopers and vehicles. Since I didn't want my Rebel scum to appear to organised I threw in some variant colours too (mainly Vallejo English Uniform and Citadel Tuskgor Fur for the Duros).

Although Camo is totally canon, I usually have a hard time identifing it with Star Wars. Nevertheless I integrated it into my scheme and I actually quite like it. There are already some very interesting schemes out there that strongly rely on camouflage and look totally awesome. Guess it just depends on the pattern and the dosage...

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