Sunday, September 10, 2017

Star Wars: Legion - X-Wing Terrain Piece

Just finished a quick little project in between: A downed Cavern Angel X-Wing as seen in Rogue One. 
A picture of the downed X-Wing was one of the first little teasers I saw of this movie and it is the one that I still come to think of, whenever someone mentions the movie now (Sorry, Raddus... You're cool, but you can't compete with T-65 glory...).

The model used for this project is an Revell easykit of Luke's X-Wing. With its 218mm length it's probably a bit small for the Legion scale (ideal for WEG/Grenadier though...). It's somewhere around 1/57. Ideally we would want something around 1/48, I guess, which means this model is about 4cm short. 
Having in mind that FFG might very well use a sliding scale for its larger vehicles, I'm sure this one will look fine compared to the upcoming official releases.

I spraypainted the X-Wing with GW's Mechanicus Grey and glued it to its "base", a piece of fabric I had leftover from making my gaming mat. The crash site was roughly modelled using some pink foamboard (yet more leftovers...^^).

The whole base was covered in the same mix of paint, sand and acrylic sealant/chaulk used for the gaming mat. You don't have to worry if you get this stuff on the model itself. It's a crash site after all... I then painted the model itself in the Cavern Angels' very basic colour scheme but made sure the model got its fair share of weathering when I drybrushed the rocks and the sand.
And it's done.

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