Sunday, September 3, 2017

Star Wars Legion: Simple Buildings

Having roamed the FFG forums, I found several posts of people without any wargaming experience noting that they felt intimidated by the thought of having to build terrain before being able to play the game. Of course terrain is more or less optional and you could always use cardboard markers or all kinds of stand-ins to simulate your battlefield but building your own terrain doesn't have to be difficult.

While shopping with my wife, I found some cardboard gift boxes andstyrofoam balls at a local dollar store/pound shop and immediately thought they might work as the base structure of simple Star Wars buildings.

I simply used the gift box as a frame, cut one of the styrofoam balls in two and glued it on as a dome. Then I added some styrofoam buttresses to the sides to make the whole thing look less like a box and added a door cut from cardboard. Done...

Just as the rock pillars I built earlier, the whole building (except the door) was coated in a thick layer of paint, wood glue and sand.

After the basecoat was dry I just drybrushed the whole building with a mix of white paint added to my base sandcolour and weathered it quite heavily with a buch of red and green pigments. To give it some Jedhaesk look I added two coloured stripes to the building which should make it look a bit closer to the buildings seen in Rogue One. Apart from that the whole building is pretty standard and could easily be found on Tatooine or any other desert planet.

Since I felt the whole thing still looked a bit too plain, I added some details. As a fan of the artwork in Pablo Hidalgo's book "Propaganda", some of these were a must...

The backside of the building got some piping, cut from the sprues of a Revell model kit and a spare DUM-series pit droid from an old Action Fleet toy which is perfectly in scale with Legion.


  1. Great work! One question: how do you cut the butresses the same?

    1. I don't. They are a bit wonky but just similar enough to pass as symmetrical to the naked eye...
      I just use a box knife and sand paper. Don't be too concerned if your cuts are not perfect. You should have the asymmetry of Medieval European buildings with all their little imperfections in mind when you build your terrain.

  2. Great job! Could you give us the dimensions of that building? :)