Thursday, January 22, 2009

Star Wars - Alliance and Empire

Again some miniatures, that you might have already seen before at Kauzenburg or on the net.

The Rebel Alliance Commando Squad was the first unit I finished for SWMB. In preparation of the Kauzenburg I redid the basing and added some fern and mushrooms to the bases. My plan is to paint 2 more commandos so I can play them as 2 squads with 5 soldiers.

There are some conversions I did for representing the squads specialists. You may have already found the sniper levelling his gun. The the coloured female with the backpack is the squad's medic, whereas the girl with the antennas at the right is equipped with a comlink, which allows bringing in some off-board-artillery.^^

As the opposing force for the elite soldiers of the alliance I created an Imperial Army Squad with some armoured cavalry support.
Of course these guys are not "Emperor's Finest". I imagined them as some kind of local system garrison of a retarded planet somewhere in the Outer Rim. Forgotten by the Empire, they started feeling comfortable and let themselves a bit down.

The Imperial Army is famous for the firepower of its support weapons. So I had to add some Walkers and a heavy repeating-blaster. Because Grenadier never published a gunner miniature in army-uniform, I took a model of a Navy-gunner, filed down the helmet and parts of the uniform and used some Green Stuff to convert him to an Army Trooper.

The Walker support comes in shape of an AT-ST and his little brother, the AT-PT.
Whereas the AT-PT is an original Grenadier model, the AT-ST was a plastic toy I found at the attic. It was originally produced by Action Fleet/Galoob, but matches perfectly with the 25mm miniatures.

In ignoration of the Tarkin-doctrine I gave the vehicles an individual nose-art. I think it works very well on them, cause it gives them at least a bit of detail, which these "all-greys" are usually missing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Star Wars - Villains

News from our current Star Wars Miniatures Battles project. Those of you, who have been at the Kauzenburg 2009 Con may have seen these miniatures already, but unfortunately I didn't find the time letting them see some action on the battlefield.

Jabba the Hutt was a perfect proband for using the new Citadel washes. The model itself is quite funny from our “modern” point of view. It is really flat, lacking detail and seems a bit small compared to the other miniatures of this range (which have only 25mm as well). Well, in fact it were the sentimental feelings I had about this fig, which made me paint it and not its incredible beauty.

When I started painting, most parts of the body were given a green priming. After that I used Thraka Green to wash the entire body and finished the green skin with some highlighting, using the base colour again and mixing some Pegasus Tanned Leather to it. The fleshy parts were painted similarly (using flesh tones and Ogryn Flesh wash).

Next miniature on my workbench was a Boba Fett miniature, who had some manufacturing errors. On account of this I tried to convert the damaged parts using some Green Stuff and gave him a custom paint scheme. As a result I got a nameless Mandalorian mercenary, who will be quite useful if we accomplish some roleplaying-based campaign games.

That's One Small Step for Mankind,... giant leap for Fin.

Hi everybody,

welcome to my first weblog. You don't know what this place is all about? Well, at least it's my own miserable attempt to create a space for introducing my miniatures to the world.
At the moment my main systems are Games Workshop's The Lord of the Rings and The Battle of Five Armies, Rebellion by Ebob Miniatures and the West End Games system Star Wars Miniatures Battles.
Of course this list may be expanded with some figs and systems the next months and I hope you'll find something of interest.