Thursday, October 18, 2018

Kill Team - Space Wolves

Once again, Games Workshop has me in its greedy clutches. I saw this coming when they announced the "relaunch" of the Lord of the Rings SBG but to my surprise I got hooked on the new edition of Kill Team... So here we are... After resisting the call of the 40k verse since its 2nd edition, I finally surrendered. 
I got my brushes out again last weekend and painted my first Kill Team: Glorious Space Wolves in Mark III armor.
These guys have been trapped in the Warp since the Burning of Prospero and have just been spit out now with the coming of the Great Rift.
You all know this feeling, right? You're happily butchering your way through some heretic sorcerers and suddenly there's a bright blue light. Before you know it, you're somewhere completely different, your company is nowhere to be found, your Primarch is MIA, your phone is dead and the Emperor looks changed too... This is what happened to these guys and this is why they look so angry.
This Kill Team is at 98 points now. I had a first game with them and like how they played but my roster will be expanded soon. The sergeant and the gunners will get some more weapon options (weapons are magnetized) and I might even add some Primaris to the mix. Since they most definetly won't work in the pre-Heresy paint scheme I used, I will probably pick one of the Chapters from the Ultima founding. Castellans of the Rift look nice...

Citadel Painting Handle... Can't believe I bought one...

Yeah, well... The Citadel painting handle is one of those hobby products I never really thought I would ever need. Since there have been some mishaps last month and my left hand was immobilized for some time, I had a sudden change of mind:
Don't Stop Me Now
I was indeed very pleased with the result and I'm actually thinking about getting some more... It has been a great help finishing the Priority Supplies for Star Wars Legion and some Micro Art Studio Laser Towers for my Legion board.
A chest of Lando's favourite wine.
Ready to see some action...

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Imperial Terrain - Desert Tower and Mechanic's House

Another two 3D-printed houses left the workbench: Imperial Terrain's Desert Tower and Mechanic's House.

Both buildings belong to my absolute favourites in the IT range (although Dave is constantly pumping out new favourites...). While the Mechanic's House was painted right after printing, completion of the Desert Tower took a bit longer: It was part of the first shipment of Imperial Terrain buildings I received almost a year ago.

Main reason for the painting delay was having to fix the deformed pipe detailthat runs along the tower. This copy of the tower had been one of Dave's early test prints so this obviously isn't an issue if you order from IT these days. I hesitated over it for quite some time but it eventually turned out to be an easy fix. I removed the misshaped part, remodelled it by hand and sanded the whole thing down until it looked right.

Both buidings are quite an important addition to my table as their copper roofs will provide some nice contrast to the brick coloured gaming mat. As a result I went quite heavy on the Nihilakh Oxide I used for the verdigris effect.

The table is finally starting to look alright:

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Imperial Terrain - R47 Heavy Lift Truck

I recently bought Imperial Terrain's Mechanic Bay and House Bundle mainly because I wanted the repulsorlift truck that comes with it for my Rebels. It may not look like much but I love the boxy design which reminds me of some of Ralph McQuarrie's original vehicle concepts. The other day a fellow hobbyist pulled of this wonderful print of it (Thanks again!) and finally got me started.

Although I actually should try to find a way to play it, the truck will be used as terrain most of the time. Therefore, I kept the paintjob quite simple but took the time to add some LEDs to the front of the truck. 
I primed the miniature with Citadel's Corax White and added some slight airbrush highlights with pure white. Then I coloured some of the panels (Citadel's Fenrisian Grey)  to give it some variety, shaded everything using Vallejo's Pale Grey Shade and sponged on some chippings using white on the coloured panels and Vallejo German Grey on the rest of the vehicle. Larger chipped areas were filled in with Citadel's Ironbreaker.
Citadel's Agrax Earthshade was used to create some grimy/oily/leaky areas and the weathering was completed by brushing on some red and brown pigments.

My Rebels consider this truck theirs and made me paint their unit insignia on the side of it...

Now I really need to find some rules for a convoy scenario...

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Abregado Fusiliers: Fleet Troopers

Alliance High Command has sent a Sphyrna-class corvette and a pair of DP20 frigates into the Abregado System to support the local Rebel cell. 
Times are desperate and the veteran crews find themselves in the thick of the fight more often than they would like it.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

"To me, she's royalty."

Everybody loves Princess Leia but not everybody loves FFG's Leia miniature for Star Wars Legion. he sculpt seems a bit odd from certain angles. The hairpiece doesn't quite work from the front, the right hand is huge while the lefthand is tiny, the blaster is ridiculously large... You name it... 

I was not massively impressed by the sculpt either when I got my hands on it and decided to keep my eyes peeled for alternative models. Although I'm still searching for a nice "Splinter of the Mind's Eye" version of Leia and Luke, this Marvel style Leia by Skull Forge Studios is the best I've seen so far.

Although my first impression was that she was on the rather short side, I soon realized that the FFG Leia wasn't the tallest herself. Furthermore, most of the detailing on the Skull Forge Leia is rather delicate while the FFG Leia's details seem to be quite crude. I became curious how this would look on the finished miniatures and decided to just paint both.You be the judge... Which version do you like better?