Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Imperial Terrain - R47 Heavy Lift Truck

I recently bought Imperial Terrain's Mechanic Bay and House Bundle mainly because I wanted the repulsorlift truck that comes with it for my Rebels. It may not look like much but I love the boxy design which reminds me of some of Ralph McQuarrie's original vehicle concepts. The other day a fellow hobbyist pulled of this wonderful print of it (Thanks again!) and finally got me started.

Although I actually should try to find a way to play it, the truck will be used as terrain most of the time. Therefore, I kept the paintjob quite simple but took the time to add some LEDs to the front of the truck. 
I primed the miniature with Citadel's Corax White and added some slight airbrush highlights with pure white. Then I coloured some of the panels (Citadel's Fenrisian Grey)  to give it some variety, shaded everything using Vallejo's Pale Grey Shade and sponged on some chippings using white on the coloured panels and Vallejo German Grey on the rest of the vehicle. Larger chipped areas were filled in with Citadel's Ironbreaker.
Citadel's Agrax Earthshade was used to create some grimy/oily/leaky areas and the weathering was completed by brushing on some red and brown pigments.

My Rebels consider this truck theirs and made me paint their unit insignia on the side of it...

Now I really need to find some rules for a convoy scenario...

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Abregado Fusiliers: Fleet Troopers

Alliance High Command has sent a Sphyrna-class corvette and a pair of DP20 frigates into the Abregado System to support the local Rebel cell. 
Times are desperate and the veteran crews find themselves in the thick of the fight more often than they would like it.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

"To me, she's royalty."

Everybody loves Princess Leia but not everybody loves FFG's Leia miniature for Star Wars Legion. he sculpt seems a bit odd from certain angles. The hairpiece doesn't quite work from the front, the right hand is huge while the lefthand is tiny, the blaster is ridiculously large... You name it... 

I was not massively impressed by the sculpt either when I got my hands on it and decided to keep my eyes peeled for alternative models. Although I'm still searching for a nice "Splinter of the Mind's Eye" version of Leia and Luke, this Marvel style Leia by Skull Forge Studios is the best I've seen so far.

Although my first impression was that she was on the rather short side, I soon realized that the FFG Leia wasn't the tallest herself. Furthermore, most of the detailing on the Skull Forge Leia is rather delicate while the FFG Leia's details seem to be quite crude. I became curious how this would look on the finished miniatures and decided to just paint both.You be the judge... Which version do you like better?

Friday, July 27, 2018

Abregado Fusiliers: 2nd Squad

Just before the temperature in my flat made Mustafar look like a chilly place, I fled the city... Not before I managed to finish the second squad of my Abregado Fusiliers, tho:

Blue Squad of Abregado Fusiliers' Besh Company
All the squad's members were converted from regular Rebel troopers as described earlier. An easy head- or armswap is already enough to make your forces look more interesting. Nevertheless I went a bit further and sculpted new heads and limbs for the Mon Cal captain and the Ithorian Z-6 trooper.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Terrain Speed Build: Explosions and Smoke

On the one hand terrain is key to an interesting game of Legion, on the other hand good terrain takes time to make. So what happens if you want to play but haven't finished your 1:1 replica of Coruscant yet? You have to improvise...

Explosion and smoke markers are terrain building at its simplest. Materials are cheap, building takes no time at all and storage is easy.

All you need is:
1. Polyester Fiber Fill/ pillow stuffing
2. LED tealight candles
3. cheap black spray paint
4. glue (I use spray adhesive but a hot glue gun or even superglue would work too.)

Just rip off some of the pillow stuffing and pluck it into a shape you like. Then cover the tealight in adhesive and attach it to the stuffing. Finally spray the stuffing with your black paint. (I went darker at the bottom and only sprayed the top of the smoke clouds lightly.)

This is it, you're done... Simplest terrain project ever... Shouldn't have taken you longer than 10 minutes...

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Skull Forge Studios: Downed Pilot and Starkiller

I already praised the awesomeness of Skull Forge's Downed Pilot but there's another mini I just finished, the Avenging Acolyte.

Again, I'm really surprised how few cleaning up is required to get these prints prepped for painting. I had some problems painting the pilot because I just gave him a quick rinse which obviously wasn't enough and made the painting process quite tedious. This time I thoroughly scrubbed the leftover residue off the miniature and had much nicer results.
I concealed some printer lines in prominent spaces like the face or the chest, using Vallejo Gloss Varnish but I actually think that applying the paint in slightly thicker layers might already do the job.

Although realistly scaled, the Acolyte's lightsaber is quite flimsy. Since I wanted to replace it anyways, I took the opportunity to apply some of Thorin's LED magic to this guy as well...^^