Sunday, September 24, 2017

Star Wars: Legion - Crates and Statues

Work on the last big piece of terrain for my Jedha-inspired mat has just begun and I finished some small bits and pieces that will be used to fill the board where necessary.

Being loosely based on Jedha, the gaming mat had to host at least one piece of terrain that somehow showed the moon's strong connection to the Force. Since I still had some of the old plastic statues from GW's Return of the King starter set for their Lord of the Rings SBG, going for some "Jedi"-statues was a no-brainer...

Next in line were some crates. Luckily, Thorin from arts-n-more sent me some of his casts. He did a great job on these. The boxes are a good example for all-purpose terrain. From an Imperial base on Endor to a smuggler's outpost on Tatooine there are hardly any surroundings they will look out of place in.

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