Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ours is the Fury!

 I have finally painted my version of the Young Stag. I really love the Darksword Version of this character and had to use it although it is slightly taller than the other miniatures I used. The dying horse on the base is a 5th edition Bretonnian horse, the standart bearer is an English heavy cavalry man, sculpted by Ebob.
I tried to depict Robert in the heat of the battle. His horse has just been shot beneath him and is kicking in vain while the Usurper is now pushing on on foot. The rider on his right bears his personal standart, the black stag of house Baratheon.
Again, I used Tamyia Clear Red X-27 for the blood splatter. This stuff is really great. The mud on the horse legs was coated with gloss varnish to achieve a wet look. Actually this technique can't convince me yet... I might rework this at a later point.

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