Tuesday, January 10, 2012

House Stark: Skirmishers

The Kauzenburg gaming-weekend is over and I am sad to say, that I have taken far less pictures of the gorgeous terrain and miniatures, than I intended to. Instead I mainly focused on my first Impetus battle with my Westerosi, of which I will show some pics soon. In this battle I played a 100 pts battlegroup of a 400 pts army and so, I had to finish another unit beforehand: Skirmishers of House Stark.

Skirmishers belong to my favourite units in Impetus. They are no use if you intend to charge the enemy and deal few to none damage with their ranged weapons, but can be a pain in the ass for your enemy if he wants to weaken your valuable melee troops with bows or crossbows.

The miniatures used here, are a mix of Foundry, Perry Miniatures and Ebob Miniatures and were painted in pale colours, fitting to the Lords of the North. The small banner was not planned from the beginning, but made sense to me because the base had no real eyecatcher...

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