Saturday, January 14, 2012

Impetus at Kauzenburg 2012

As I feared, most of my pics turned out to be blurred. The Kauzenburg wargaming weekend takes place in the caverns of the Kauzenburg in Bad Kreuznach... People in the Middle Ages didn't spent much thoughts about illuminating their castles to enable miniature photography. Considering that I used a cheap digital camera that can't compete with the high tech equipment of the more talented photographers, I'm still quite pleased with the results.

Frank Becker, one of those more talented photographers has already presented some better pictures of the event in his hobby blog: Figuren und Geschichten
I am sure more will follow. At this point, I will focus on the Impetus presentations at Kauzenburg.

Some of the Impetus Armies at Kauzenburg 2012:

Martin's (El Commandante) Warhammer Fantasy sellswords,
based for Impetus Fantasy.
                        David's (Azgul) Knights Hospitallers                   
Frank's (Tankred) beautiful LotR Rohirrim and Uruk-hai,
based for Impetus Fantasy.
                                   Frank's Rohirrim Camp                              
                                 Thomas' (Rusus) Kleve army                             
Some great Crossbowmen, painted by Frank for the
Feud of Kronberg presentation at Tactica 2012.
The troops in the background are intended for the same scenario
and were painted by him and various other artists.

My Personal Highlight at Kauzenburg 2012:

The first battle of my Westerosi. The 100pts contingent, led by Robert Baratheon himself, fought alongside a large 13th century army, led by Count Diedrich of Kleve. Our enemy was another ragtag army composed of Italian sellswords, some unfaithful Lannisters and armed citizens of Frankfurt. I shot a lot of pics, but only a handful turned out good enough to present them here. I hope they can convey some impression of the amazing gaming atmosphere at Kauzenburg.

Norbert, the captain of the enemy sellswords is planning
something evil with his cannon battery...
...and opens fire on my general. I don't think there ever was
a ceasefire for poor Robert.
Kerstin, moving the Frankfurt contingent. My left flank had
recently started to attack the treacherous Lannisters.
Choosing between close combat and constant cannon fire,
it wasn't as if they had a choice...


  1. Thank you for sharing those pictures! I really did love that event even if I was there just two times! The atmpshere in the old castle cellar is just perfect for such an event ;)

    Very nice miniatures too on your entire blog-the reason why I subscribed to it :)

    Keep up the good work,


  2. Awesome pics mate, I might come and tag along next year!

  3. Netter Bericht, schöne Fotos und eine tolle Erinnerung an ein gelungenes Impetus-Wochenende.

    Grüße vom schwäbischen Verbündeten mit der Konfettikanone :-)