Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sworn to House Baratheon

Long time no see, but I finally found some time to finish another base for my ASoIaF themed Impetus army.
House Wensington is a vassal house that holds fealty to House Baratheon of Storm's End. No character of the House has appeared in the books yet but I really liked the heraldry. Most of GRRMs designs are too "fantastic" for my taste but this one, found on the Ice and Fire Wiki, is just great.

Although the Wensington house motto "Sound the Charge" suggests a more active role in battle, I wanted to depict some men-at-arms in a more defensive position. Impetus gave me a great opportunity to use the Perry AO5 box "Archers preparing for battle, hammering in and sharpening stakes".
I added a Wensington knight who gives last instructions to his archers before he is off to smash some breastplates with his hammer...


  1. Very beautiful base again! I'm happy for you that you're nearly done with the exams ;)

  2. Hello Jonnathan,

    very nice work! Great atmosphere, i like them very much. Have to play some games in a few months... battle between Baratheons and Starks? Ok, not like in the books, but also good :D



  3. Really great looking troops, i love the westeros theme, and will be following your blog very closely!!!!