Sunday, March 11, 2012

Living by the Sword

Since it wasn't possible for me to attend this year's Tactica in Hamburg, I spontaneously visited the Spieltrieb Frankfurt Wargaming club yesterday to get some live impressions of their great "Feud of Kronberg" Impetus presentation.

Unfortunately some of my own Westerosi troops used this opportunity to betray me. The Wensington archers and the Arryn houseguard offered their services to the enemy general Kerstin and fought as sellswords alongside the guild companies of Frankfurt against their painter.

I had no camera with me, but took these photos with my mobile. I hope they can convey the great atmosphere of the terrain and the miniatures. Thanks for the great game!!!

The Hanau knights under my command, facing the treacherous Westerosi.
Kronberg infantery in the centre.
The glorious knights of Hanau attack the sellswords.
After crushing the Arryn guard, the Hanau knights turn and
attack the enemy from behind.
Some of the Spieltrieb's beautiful "disordered"-markers.


  1. Wow this gaming board and the game itself just look incredibly good! Thanks for the pictures!

  2. Very nice pics! It all looks very atmospheric! We should definatly try to get a game started in next few weeks! See you soon!