Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Muster of Rohan

Thinking back, the Eorlingas were my really first wargaming army. Before FotR was released I had a small WHFB Breton army. Their leader was painted in green and his shield wore my first freehand ever, a white horse painted in green. Of course I used to call him Eomer...^^

Understandably enough I immediately had to get my hands on these guys when TTT was announced and I started painting a small force of around 300 points. Although I love their literary background, their historical references and their visualisation in the movies, I actually never played very much with them. Maybe that's the reason why I almost completely forgot their existence in the depths of my miniature cases... Until now...

This semester I took a "History of English" course at university and among others had to struggle through several dialects of Old English. I like its "archaic" and "native" sound and immediately had to think of the Rohirric names I read in the Lord of the Rings so often... Back home I searched for my old Horse Lords, but realised that their painting was much worse than I had in mind. Hardly surprising because they are about 7 years old... Therefore I thought it might be a good reason to start over with some LotR models once again. It's a shame, that I can't even tell when I painted my last LotR miniature... Even after assembling the first miniatures I couldn't escape the feeling that I smelled horses... You gotta love these models.

Well, long story made short, here are the results. I hope you like the painting. The last picture shows a comparison between the two eras of FINiatures...^^ Feel free to leave some comments.

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