Thursday, April 9, 2009

Otto von Bismarck

It's me again... Contrary to my expectations I managed to spend some hours at the desk to paint a new miniature. I chose Otto von Bismarck, the official miniature of "Hamburger Tactica 2009" cause I wouldn't have finished a whole FOW-platoon in the few hours I had.

On this miniature I tried to do the highlighting in dependance to a fixed light source and added some blue to the skin colour to imitate more natural looking shadows. Considering, that it was my first attempt in this field, I'm really confident with the result.

By the way: Is the uniform I painted historically accurate? I really have no clue... My only inspiration were some black and white photographies.


  1. Great paint job! I still have that miniature on my desk since I plan to paint it, too. I really like the gradients and the beard.

  2. I also read that von Bismarck used to study Russian in Saint-Petersburg