Sunday, July 15, 2018

Legion: Downed Pilot Objective

After my postive experiences with Imperial Terrain, I took another shallow dive into the Legion back market. 3D printing has already been popular with FFG's X-Wing and it seems that Legion will have a massive Shapeways 3D printing community as well. While everyone knows Mel Miniatures, I hadn't heard of Skull Forge Studios before and ordered a couple of their miniatures for testing. First one fnished is this downed Rebel Pilot which will be used as an objective marker:

While amazingly detailed, I think the material is quite challenging. Although the model itself barely needs any cleanup at all, the material is super brittle and makes any conversions (new antenna made from a guitar string) rather difficult. Furthermore I had quite a problem making my paint stick to the model. Neither spray paint nor regular paint seemed to stick very well. I was having massive chipping problems while painting and I'm worried that paint might just rub off even after spraycoating the whole miniature...
Any advice from experienced 3D printers would be highly appreciated...

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