Monday, October 24, 2011

What a Beast!

I ordered some of the awesome Dark Sword Miniatures to see if they would fit in with the miniatures I use.. Although I had already heard that they were slightly taller and a bit more subtle, the result surprised me:
I don't see much problems with the Robert Baratheon miniature, as he is described being some strong young man at the time of the revolution, but the Mountain is just MASSIVE! He looks way taller than the 8 feet that are described in the books. More like 9 or 10...
I'm tempted to base him as a monster for Impetus Fantasy. We'll see.


  1. Freue mich darauf, Robert in Farbe zu sehen!

  2. The size isn't that exaggerated, though. If we assume the Bretonnian on the far right is your average 6 foot Westerosi chap (from the bottom of his footwraps to the top of his sallet), then the mountain should loom an additional 2 feet above that. Which is not too far from what we see here. He's massive, alright, but then again, he's supposed to.