Monday, February 16, 2009

Sign of Life

As promised I started my work on the FJ yesterday. I already did some tests for the colour sheme of the jump smocks last week, but I guess that doesn't count...^^

I chose a more or less "generic" paint sheme: Fieldgrey trousers, jumpsmocks in Splinter camo or plain "green" (I used Vallejo "Grey Green", so it's rather "grey") and helmets in all kinds of colour. My plan is to field this force as a Mid War company based on the first FJ airlanding operations in Tunisia and I think this sheme will just work (as far as I know they didn't wear the tropical trousers in winter).
When fielding the company in Late War matches, the sheme will work for Monte Cassino as well.

Yesterday I painted the first 4 miniatures of the glider assault platoon... Well, I really have to increase my speed if I want to finish this project some day. Today two FlaK 38 followed. This weeks primary aim is to finish at least the FlaK platoon.

No pics today, cause I'm dead tired. Sorry for that.

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